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There are of course many things that you have to take into consideration if you are going to learn Spanish abroad. It may seem as though you can simply book the first course that you come across and set off right away, but if you really want to successfully learn Spanish to a good standard then you need to do your research and really think about what you want to gain from the experience.

First of all you have to realise that although Spanish immersion programs are the best in the business and will help you to learn in the most effective manner, just choosing immersion is not enough because there are many different programs that employ this style. You can also choose to specify the length of time that you study for, how many lessons you have per week, whether you study alone or in a group, and whether you have any special focus – such as Spanish for a particular job sector to help you with vocabulary, or Spanish with a fun activity like cooking to keep you entertainment.

Next you have to think about Spanish language schools, as there are a large amount of them out there and they are all scattered around the country. You can find a location that suits you amongst the most popular cities in Spain, like the capital of Madrid, the beach city of Barcelona, the learning centre of Salamanca, or the modernist Valencia. You need also to find a school that has a great reputation, one that will support you through your classes and provide high quality tuition to make sure that you are able to progress to the next level of language learning. This can be a great help in many ways during courses.

The location in which you will study abroad in Spain could be just as important and essential as all of the other factors, as you want to be able to have fun and enjoy yourself while you are taking your courses. All you have to do here is think about what kind of holiday that you would like to have while you study – after all, why learn Spanish in a place that does not suit you at all? You will be working hard, so make sure that you are going to have fun in your time off as well!

If you are looking to this site to provide a recommendation, then the best school that we have come across so far is the Enforex School. They have some really great programs, so if you do not have any particular needs we recommend the Spanish with flamenco course as being a great and fun experience. As for the location in which you should learn Spanish abroad, well, it has to be a straight shoot out between Salamanca, where you will find the majority of language students with a great atmosphere that really encourages learning, and Barcelona, where you will find great beaches, great art, and great entertainment.